Historical Militaria and Collectible Firearms collections and estates always wanted!

I have been a dedicated militaria collector specializing in Japanese Samurai Swords, Armor and Artwork as well as U.S. Airborne and U.S. Special Forces artifacts for over 40 years.

As a full time military antiques dealer I have been in business for over 27 years.

As a full time gun dealer with a current Federal Firearms License my expertise includes Military, Antique and Collectible firearms and I buy, sell, broker and trade firearms of all types. I have served as a consultant to major military museums, universities, authors and private collectors worldwide.

Please inquire about my current military offerings or send your Want/Sale/Trade lists.

WANTED! We are confidential cash buyers and will travel for fine and rare artifacts and collections!

WWII US Airborne and elite unit artifacts

Rangers, O.S.S., Vietnam Special Forces, MACV-SOG, UNPIK, Gliders, Jump Uniforms, Identified Groupings, Helmets, Wings, Weapons, Documents and Photos, Medals and Decorations

ALL related artifacts WWII-Korea-Vietnam. U.S. MEDALS All Wars Army-Navy-Marine Corps-Air Force: DSC-Navy Cross-Silver Star-Bronze Star VALOR Groupings/Named Medals/Killed In Action Purple Heart and Medals groupings and Identified Purple Hearts

Buying Collections and Estates: U.S. Airborne and Elite Unit Artifacts; U.S. Medals Groupings Especially Wanted; Fine Japanese Samurai Swords & Armor, US SWORDS, Confederate Swords, Silver Hilt Swords, Presentation Swords, ; Military Patches, Badges  and Wings and Related Items.

Seeking and Always Buying and Trading for: Project Delta and Delta Force Col. Charlie Beckwith artifacts and 1st SFOD Delta related groups; Vietnam Son Tay Raid Groupings, Vietnam Special Forces Battle of Lang Vei artifacts and groups; WWII 506th PIR 101st Airborne Silver Chalice Cups (Engraved to 506th Officers); Operation Eagle Claw Desert One Iran Hostage Rescue Mission artifacts and groupings; Rolex, Tudor, Omega and other quality watches, especially Vietnam era watches with military connections.

Orders, Medals and Decorations of All Nations wanted.

Vintage Rolex, Omega and Tudor watches wanted and trades considered for other fine military and vintage watches…Seeking any well documented military used and vintage watches with interesting histories and/or historical significance such as presentations, watches worn in combat as well as photos of the watches worn.

Please write or call with descriptions of any items you have for sale.

We are a full time FFL and Military Collectibles store with over 40 years of experience. Our store has one of the largest and most diverse military collectibles inventory in the USA specializing in original collectible firearms, antique arms and armor, orders & medals, military patches and insignia, uniforms, headgear and edged weapons. We are always seeking collections, estates and fine single items with emphasis on Civil War/WWI/WWII/Vietnam war souvenirs. Trades always considered, especially for US Medals Groups/Fine Swords/US Airborne and Special Forces Artifacts. Generous Finders Fees paid for solid leads that result in a successful purchase of a collection.